6 Mobile Apps Development Trends worth watching in 2018


With the coming of the New Year holidays, we not only stay in the hype of the weekend but also think over the strategy of business development for the next year. The sphere of mobile apps development is growing so rapidly that it is difficult to make any long-term forecasts. But we tried to collect for you what exactly will hit the target in 2018.

VR/AR Based UX

The latest trend in mobile development is transportation to an imaginary world and virtual fantasies in real time using VR technologies. In 2017, this technology is already sensational and 2018 will become a year of active implementation of this technology in the development of mobile applications. The AR and VR applications in 2018 will gradually enter our lives in addition to games.

Mobile devices with VR-ready displays, such as Xiaomi Mi 5, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel, are already entering the market, so the changes are now more feasible than ever before. Virtual reality provides users with various kinds of experiences, such as immersion in the game and the sense of a place that is not real. The introduction of the AR toolkit into Apple’s own SDK means that technology promises to become commonplace in real estate, fashion, retail, etc.

AI, Chatbots and Voice

The dialogue interfaces are regular personal assistants, whose convenience and functionality extend beyond the capabilities. Chatbots help users perform many tasks, such as finding their preferred products or knowing the weather. In 2017, these technologies no longer surprise anyone and are bored. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to image the next year development without them, therefore we consider them as a trend.

The technologies for entering voice commands like Apple Siri and Google Now in the future increasingly simplify the interaction of applications. Of course, UX will be determined by these trends, and you will see minimization of buttons and touch commands in many applications where they will be replaced by voice and chat. Of all the trends of the mobile application for 2018 AI is already the most substantial. The applications are increasingly learning about the preferences of their users. It’s all about the emotional factors of applications that are updated with the help of bots.

IoT and Mobile Payments

The technology of Internet of Things brings huge benefits to businesses around the world. In the IoT, application information is distributed between service providers, applications, things and people, and everyone must make sure that this information is understandable, concise and interesting to the user. One of the key concerns of UX professionals, application developers, and business owners is the security of this information, so its support will also be relevant in the next year.

Until now, users have used our debit or credit card to make payments, but with the introduction of services into Apple Pay and Google Wallet, payments are gradually moving towards m-commerce. The mobile application is an integral part of the business. In many cases, consumers want to receive their orders in just a few hours. In 2018, consumers will also prefer to purchase or reserve products, monitor status, receive updates and facilitate receipt of deliveries from their smartphone. These capabilities will be relevant for the development of real-time applications.

On-Demand Apps

Perhaps this trend will never lose its positions. Develop an application that makes people’s lives comfortable so they can easily use them from anywhere on the planet and at any time. These applications will be associated with cleaning services, laundry services, and beauty services. Uber has become the most popular on-demand private driver and, thanks to its insane success, had inspired tech-savvy entrepreneurs to create their own applications on-demand for different products and services.

Visual originality

Geometric figures are a trend that appeared in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and will develop in 2018. Using the mixed forms and templates on the page, you can achieve excellent results. Flat design and design of materials should be combined with decorative elements and simple shapes.

Complementary Reality (CR) is a graphic depicting the true states and philosophy of a brand, which is always in trend. The easiest way to show this through graphics is to use visual images as a nonverbal language. Their symmetry and asymmetry have their pros and cons. The advantages of symmetry are perfectionism and aesthetic satisfaction. Asymmetry is an extravagance in design.

Top programming languages

Kotlin was recently provided by Google as an alternative to the old Java development for Android. This language is rapidly gaining popularity, as it was a competitor in the iOS industry. Simplified syntax, focusing solely on mobile development and simplicity attracts the developers.

Javascript, as the language of web development, will also remain in its positions and almost everything can be developed using Javascript now. Meanwhile Node.JS keeps its positions, as one of the most popular back-end languages.

Despite the fact that Swift has won the hearts of iOS developers, nevertheless, the veteran Objective-C is still alive. This is an extremely powerful language, which the developers with great experience prefer. Useful not only for mobile development but also for the development of macOS, Objective-C will remain on trend next year.

The programmers and developers of Bitotek are always two steps ahead of trends, so you can safely think about developing your business with us.

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