Bitotek have released the brand new social interaction UP4DAT app


The UP4DAt App project took four months from conception to a beta-user ready app. We spent just three months in development to take it from the specification paper to the App Store, with one further month to fix bugs.

UP4DAT is now open for beta users and testers in order to generate feedback. We’re looking forward to developing the app further based on the feedback.

UP4DAT project challenges

The development of this exciting app was not without the sorts of challenges that every app developer faces with every project. Our main challenge was the demand of the Customer, who wanted to change the structure and specs at the latter end of development, in order increase the function of the app. This resulted in many minor bugs that needed to be fixed after the changes to the coding.

With retrospect, as a result of spending additional time and resources on the bug fixing, our project team have discovered that new ideas and thoughts about an app should be voiced and implemented at the early stages of a project. Working with our Customer, we now understand that the way forward is to ask for all changes, thoughts and ideas to be fed back straight after the first version is released. With this new knowledge, we’ll be able to get future projects to market quicker than competitors.


UP4DAT: strengths of the app

The UP4DAT app allows users to enjoy a more time-efficient interaction, whether that’s with friends, family members or colleagues. The app does away with long message threads which can hold conversations up. Instead users simply invite the required people to a specific venue at a specific time and attendees simply need to accept or decline the invitation. Comments and suggestions about changes to an event can be made after they have accepted or declined the invitation, and users can also invite new members to attend.

A key feature of the app is the ‘Friendz in Zone’ feature. This informs the user if any friends are located nearby when a user travels to a new location; this helps users schedule meetings with immediacy according to where people are geographically based at any given time.

Obstacles for further development
  • The app will require some structural changes, that aid simplification, in order to improve its functionality and make it easier to grasp for new users
  • Success of the app requires the implementation of geo-marketing; the app relies on friends and colleagues registering, or they cannot be invited to a meeting
  • Like all apps, the success of UP4DAT will rely heavily on how much marketing is invested in it
Overcoming development obstacles
  • We found that filling the app with features was not the correct path. New users couldn’t instantly see the benefit of multiple features and the feedback suggested that the app appeared over complicated. Restructuring the app to make it more simplistic should attract and retain users
  • Additional features can be added as users become more accustomed to the app
  • Android version is essential to gain audience
  • After the app is restructured, it needs to attract approx. 3000-5000 users per city. This will help with securing joint venture capital investment or finding an angel investor for the Android version and also for further marketing
UP4DAT prospects

At the core of the app concept is a very promising product. However, we believe that there is plenty of work to be carried out before the app can generate a wave of interest. Greater awareness and involvement will help the app spread initially by word of mouth and social networks. Key for the customer is gaining and retaining users and encouraging them to be involved with app frequently. We believe that an app which has plenty of regular users will always transform into a profit making product.

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