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    6 Mobile Apps Development Trends worth watching in 2018

    With the coming of the New Year holidays, we not only stay in the hype of the weekend but also think over the strategy of business development for the next year. The sphere of mobile apps development is growing so rapidly that it is difficult to make any long-term forecasts. But we tried to collect for you what exactly will hit the target in 2018.

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    How Much? 5 steps to determine costs of Mobile App development

    Which of us, thinking about developing a mobile application for our own business, did not postpone it or prone to extremes when it comes to the cost? These 5 simple steps will help you to get closer to understanding the cost of development. These 5 simple steps will help you to get closer to understanding the cost of development.

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    The pitfalls of choosing Outsourcing vs In-house software development

    Are you planning to start developing the mobile app or a web platform for your startup? What if your business is at the very earliest stage and you don’t understand what begin with – choose a contractor on outsourcing or create your own team?

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    Customer loyalty and proximity – All that a mobile development can give to your business.

    The statistics show that on average we spend more than two hours a day (!) on the mobile device. Fifty-five percent the business-owners said that their mobile application is designed to increase sales. This is a fact that any startup or small business seeks is a long-lasting and reliable “marriage” with the client. Like any other, the relationship of your business with your client “stands on 3 whales” – proximity, trust, and comfort. And all of this a mobile application development can give to you.

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    In search for an iOS and Android Developer at the development office in Barcelona.

    We are currently looking for a middle frontend mobile developer passionate about technology and willing to work among qualified and entrepreneurial people, to join our international team of professionals in Barcelona development office.

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    Why tech start-ups are so promising as an investment opportunity? British environment explained

    Thinking about creating your own tech startup as the next step in your career? Here is some information on the UK digital market in which you might be operating. For entrepreneurs, the current economic environment isn’t the most inviting. In spite of this, digital start-ups are springing up at an astonishing rate.

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