Finhub was our first international project with participants from England and Russia – an additional thing to be proud of. Several partners with financial experience decided to create news website for financiers and those connected with financial markets. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a project only for serious guys in expensive suits. Students were also a part of a target audience.


Finhub was conceived as a news portal which sorts news by region and specific topics. This was important for practicing financiers, who need to be aware of what is happening in their region.


Finhub was not only to collect information from different sources, but also to filter out all unnecessary articles. This required a set of the following tools:
• Development of a parser which will constantly pull up hot news from the most popular financial websites
• Creation of a system that will analyze the content of each article and defines it category correctly
• Setting an automatic highlight of the headlines and images in the article
• Development of an admin panel for automatic users moderation
• The system should also allocate images and headers
• Compilation of a custom newsfeed which will automatically sort the news by the necessary region and subject


The project was completed in 4 months, including testing and bugs fixing. A product was ready for promotion and gathered positive
feedback from local users.

photo Bitotek
Samuel Johns


We only had an idea, all the rest was done by the guys from Bitotek. Their team invented the algorithm of the Finhub, which effectively sorts a lot of news for different filters. Without the server overload and long response time.