LEMUR app released for beta users ahead of further development by BITOTEK agency


The LEMUR app is a brand new social network for pet owners. LEMUR uses a swipe and match concept in a similar format to the Tinder app which helps pet owners in the same neighbourhood, city or even at a global level, get together and make friends with other pet owners, allowing pets to spend time together too.

Project challenges during development

Apart from the general swipe and match concept, the need for the app bears little resemblance to the demand for Tinder and required a completely different algorithm for matching. This meant we developed a unique algorithm for pet owners to be matched up.

Another challenge was to think about and accommodate for how this algorithm will need to evolve over time as the user database grows. This is necessary as the app needs to generate more matches whilst user numbers are low, but later match users more meticulously with each other when numbers increase.

LEMUR Project Outcomes

We developed the app from the first upload to the App Store in just two months. We then spent a further month undergoing serious testing and bug fixing until it was available to beta testers.

One of our main aims was to develop a very simplistic and standard app, which we feel we have achieved. However this in turn means that the final design of the app is not exciting, which is disappointing to the team. We intend on modifying the design somewhat in the next release. The functionality of the app remains excellent and is in line with the job spec.

Prospects for LEMUR

We are working closely with the founders of the app to make a list of updates and developments that we will undertake and complete ahead of the project being showcased at the 2016 Web Summit in Lisbon. The summit is an opportunity to make the public aware of the app, to generate interest and provides the opportunity of the founder finding an investor.

With the founder, Biotek are also working hard to also create a schedule of further developments and features that will be added to the project accordingly, further increasing its appeal in the future.

We intend on completing the next version as soon as possible and feel confident that the app will get the funding it needs for further

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