We had a call from a client from London, who was working in the wealth management firm. He no longer saw possibilities for a self-development and wanted to do something more dynamic. So he had an idea to invest money in his own project. It was his first IT experience ever. Intriguing, huh?


Have you ever had to organize a meeting, which was attended by more than 5 people? If you do, you know how hellish this process could be. A pile of letters, even more replies, finding a suitable location and a proper time. Then it turns out that someone has to go to his daughter’s school play instead, and everything starts from the beginning. Our guy has the same thought: how to simplify all this entire bureaucracy? What if you had an application which will save you from these torments? Imagine you could get rid of endless chats and will have a mobile platform instead. An app that will allow you to re-schedule the meeting, to change its place, and to discuss it on the go. We summed up the main challenges.


Our client was a newbie in IT and marketing, so Bitotek had to become a
personal guide in this field. Our main tasks were:
• To create visuals and prototypes from the scratch
• To make app work with Apple calendar
• To create a ‘Friends nearby’ function (before it appeared on Facebook)
• Develop chats for some events in the app
• To bind a Foursquare database of venues and other places
• To configure an admin panel to allow London venues to create the location based advertising
• To develop a news feed with invitations, ads, and notifications


The project was completed in 4 months, including testing and bugs fixing. A product was ready for promotion and gathered positive feedback from local users.

photo Bitotek


Bitotek team provided qualified advice throughout the whole production period. Step by step, we figured out what should be in the application and what is not. Bitotek helped me to correct my concept and to change the strategy for the better results.